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Frequently Asked Questions

Which frame is your most popular?

The Brass Cornered Rustic Frame is our best seller! And works well with literally every genre.

Do your frames come with backing?

Yes, all of our frames come with loose cardboard backing. We offer installation as well as glass & easel backs.

Can I order my frames with glass and an easel?

Absolutely, you can add glass and/or easels to most of our frames. You can select installation or separate shipping.

What sizes are your frames available in?

We stock 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20 in all of our frame styles. We also stock 6.5×8.5, 9.5×11.5,8×12 in many styles. And can make any custom size up to 30×36.

How do I know which frame size I need?

Our frame sizes are the measurement of the glass opening in the back of the frame.

Do you make custom sizes?

Most of our frames are available in inexpensive custom sizes.

How quickly will the frames ship?

We ship FAST! Most orders are filled the next business day.

How many frames fit in a box?

This may be our number 1 question when ordering.  The answer is, “It depends on the style and size”.  You are in luck, we have a detail sheet that estimates how many frames fit into a box in order to maximize savings in shiping.

Do you ship International?

Yes, we can ship anywhere.  Currently we do busines in the US and Canada but are always looking for eh right partner to expand our full line of American made Products.  

How long does it take to get them?

We are located in the center of the US in Missouri. Standard shipping to either coast is 3 days.

how much is shipping?

You save when you ship with Seven Oaks. We pass on our bulk discount directly to each customer.  We do not profit on shipping.  

How many boxes can you ship at one time?

The answer is simple.  We ship what you order.  The quatity does not matter.  For large orders we use FedEx Freight or other carriers that we contract with depending on your location.